Phytoponics consists of a strong executive team with complementary skill-sets, fully supported by an experienced Advisory Board. As a collective, we share a common goal to uproot and revolutionise traditional methods of growing fresh produce for the benefit of our planet and its expanding human population , synergising with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Executive Team

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Adam Dixon

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

An Inventor, entrepreneur and hydroponics expert, Adam co-founded Phytoponics to commercialise his vision, with experience in a horticultural lighting startup and the agrochemical industry. United Nations Young Champion of the Earth (Europe) 2017.


Luke Parkin

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Coming from a line of farmers and horticulturalists, co-founder of Phytoponics and co-inventor Luke is a mechanical engineer who specialises in product development, manufacturing, operations and projects, and has worked previously in the HVAC industry.

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Victor Lambert

Managing Director

Former MD of Hortimax and Van Vliet, Victor Lamber has over 40 years of executive horticulture sector experience and has managed dozens of hydroponic and horticultural projects internationally, with industry renown for his commercial acumen.


Advisory Board

We have assembled a group of renown experts with horticultural industry knowledge and commercialisation expertise. Derek Hargreaves and Victor Lambert have worked closely with Phytoponics since 2018 in supporting the direct application of the company’s technology and delivery of successful growing trials. Similarly, David Kremer has been the lead investor since 2018, anchoring subsequent rounds of funding and assisting with early commercialisation activities.

David Kremer

Chairman, Licensing & Commercialisation

Chairman – Seven Towns Ltd & Rubiks Brand Ltd


Derek Hargreaves

Plant Agronomy, Crop Nutrition & Cultivation

Ex-Chairman of British Tomato Growers Association