Our Story

Phytoponics was founded to bring new advanced crop growing technology to the food chain by innovating new technology that is highly productive, efficient and resilient to climate change. We want to strengthen and secure the fresh produce food step by step, product by product to crop by crop until we achieve our mission.

Co-founded by Adam Dixon and Luke Parkin in 2016, Phytoponics has turned a vision for future agriculture into a reality, by developing, testing, trialling a deep water culture growing system for tomatoes. In 2018, the team brought in new Chairman Mark Hindmarsh and raised over £500k of investment to test their new system in a semi-commercial environment in Aberystwyth Wales.

Attracting new commercial partners, the team is currently refining and upscaling their system within Stockbridge Technology Centre ready for a major half acre trial in the 2020 growing season.