About Us

Phytoponics Ltd. is an AgTech company founded in Cardiff, United Kingdom in October 2016 to commercialise a new patented hydroponic growing system invented by Adam Dixon, and further develop innovative solutions for world hunger, sustainability, and economic & social empowerment.

The Team

Adam Dixon

CEO & Co-founder

UN Young Champion of the Earth (Europe)

Luke Parkin

COO & Co-founder

Grahame Dunling


Leading expert of hydroponics with 40 years’ experience in hydroponic growing, advising on hydroponics, sales and business development.

Marco Bicocchi Pichi


Award winning marketing, branding, and strategy executive, Italian Business Angel of the Year 2014 and Italia Startup (Association) President 2015/18

Hannah Senior


Experienced agribusiness and manufacturing executive as owner and CEO of PBS International with an MBA from Stanford University

W Jewell Sparks


CEO and Founder BiTHOUSE GROUP INC and Food und FoodTech (Deutsche Startup Association)