President of ItaliaStartup invests in Phytoponics

President of ItaliaStartup invests in Phytoponics

Marco Bicocchi Pichi photo

Phytoponics is excited to introduce our most recent investor; executive angel Marco Bicocchi Pichi (see his LinkedIn Profile here), an award-winning marketing, branding and strategy executive with one of the largest Startup presences in Italy.

After a management career as an executive at the intersection of digital technology and business with international leading companies such as EDS, Ernst & Young, Etnoteam, Booz Allen Hamilton and AT Kearney, Marco has participated since 2008 in founding and funding several technology startups including Nextome, Alleantia, and WIB. From its formation in 2012 Marco was a member of the association Italia Startup, and then in 2015 was elected President. In 2014 Marco was named Business Angel of the Year by the Italian Business Angel association and between 2009 and 2013 contributed to the development of the largest angel club in Italy: IAG Italian Angel for Growth. Of the 20 companies that Marco has invested in, several have gone on to win major awards.

Currently Marco collaborates with several business accelerators, startup competitions, universities, business schools and institutions on the topic startup and innovation. In addition to Marco’s startup experience he brings rich agricultural knowledge, having been the vice president of Confagricoltura Grosseto for more than 4 years.

When asked about his investment in Phytoponics Marco said:
I have decided to invest in Phytoponics because I am convinced its cross-disciplinary team will be able to execute on the world relevant issue of helping growers innovate professional horticulture, increasing quality and productivity, therefore contributing to provide good, healthy food to feed the world growing population. Solving big problems with innovative technologies is the key to startups success; I believe Phytoponics has all the potential to become a successful company“.