Seed & Chips

Seed & Chips

President Obama at Seed & Chips

In May we had the amazing opportunity to attend Seed & Chips in Milan, one of the top food innovation events in the world, which is dedicated to showcasing national and international talent and cutting edge solutions. Over four days hundreds of startups, companies in food and tech, investors, thought leaders, and policy makers came together to share content, visions and experience with innovating food production.

One of the keynote speakers at the event was President Barak Obama, 44th President of the United States who spoke about climate change, and how we can work towards a sustainable food future with solutions that produce less greenhouse gases, and use less land and water – points that resonate strongly with Phytoponics’ vision and solutions.

Throughout the event we were also able to network extensively and establish many valuable contacts, opening doors to future investments, funding and partnerships. Through the Give Me 5 programme our CEO Adam had the chance to discuss our innovations with Sam Kass, Senior Food Policy Advisor to President Obama and promoter of the White House’s health-conscious revolution.

Overall it was a great event for the team where we gathered a great deal of useful knowledge and contacts, and were very pleased to also be shortlisted for Best Disruptive Startup.