WFP Innovation Accelerator

WFP Innovation Accelerator

Phytoponics Team at World Food Programme

P hytoponics is proud to announce that it has been selected over more than 130 applicants to attend the week-long boot camp at the WFP Innovation Accelerator in Munich. As our hydroponic growing system is rapidly deployable and economically scalable we replied to the call Food in Emergencies – Global Impact Challenge (GIC). We really think we can support United Nations World Food Programme in facing:

√ Raising of world’s population from 7 billion to 10 billion in 2050 and, by consequence, the raising of global food demand

√ Land and water scarcity

√ The lack of fresh produce in disaster areas

During the bootcamp we had the opportunity to meet inspiring people and receive valuable feedback on our product that helped us to build a case study able to prove how the Phytoponics system can support the WFP in the #ZeroHunger challange. Our hydroponics growing system is highly practical, easily deployable and exponentially scalable and by using the Deep Water Culture tecnique can allow a faster plant growing while reducing at the same time the usage of water and land. By reducing the transport and the installation cost Phytoponics system can be used in refugees camp or disaster areas, providing a full nutritionally balanced supply of fresh produce rather than just supplementing dietary needs. We are waiting for the selection results that can lead two member of our team attending the prestigious Singularity University this summer and grant us the attendance to the amazing WFP accelleration programme.

Stay tuned and discover what’s next for the Phytoponic’s team!