Scalable & Affordable Commercial Hydroponic Systems

Phytoponics is the revolutionary patent pending hydroponic growing system that is going to transform commercial agriculture and make fresh produce abundant. Capable of delivering high returns on investment at an affordable price, we are the first company offering Deep Water Culture technology geared to the hectare scale, giving huge productive benefits to the commercial grower, at half the cost of current offerings, enabling:

√ High produce quality and value

√ High consistent yields

√ High resource efficiency

Our innovative commercial hydroponic systems offer the following benefits:

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High return on investment
Reduced installation costs, increased productivity, and a longer product life deliver high ROI of 5-10x, with break even possible even within 1 year.

Deep Water Culture
Phytoponics works by using deep water culture growing technology where plants are held, and roots are fed a nutrient solution, using bubble-bust technology, in our patent pending fail-safe design.

Rapid deployability
Made from a flexible high tech polymer, our system rolls up compact, transports cheaply & installs fast- simply unroll, inflate, connect
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Automated Nutrient System
Our automated multi-crop nutrient system adapts to any existing infrastructure and allows the grower to simultaneously & easily control a wide range of crops, from salad to wine at any scale, greatly increasing productivity.


Most recent updates from the Phytoponics team:

Why Is Hydroponics So Important?

1. Offers the chance to grow food 12 months of the year, even in warm climates.
2. A huge reduction in the quantity of water, fertilizers and energy currently used to produce food
3. A healthier crop using fewer pesticides provides health benefits to the consumer.
4. Complete control over nutrient balance - controlled growing means plants receive the exact nutrients they require, creating a healthier crop
5. Increased Yields and Increased Quality - more product is grown and harvested per m2, while being more nutritionally sound and therefore tastes superior

6. Increased turnover of produce - crops grow faster and more often