Phytoponics designs and manufactures Deep Water Culture (DWC) hydroponic growing systems for supply to commercial produce growers.

Our mission is to realise and promote the sustainable benefits of hydroponic agriculture at scale through the global deployment of our Deep Water Culture substrate-less growing solutions.


Deep Water Culture

All Phytoponics' Deep Water Culture solutions are configured around proprietary designed and patent protected grow modules which enable fully controlled soilless growing conditions without the need for additional substrates such as rockwool or coconut coir, but with the additional ability to apply unique root zone management to the crop.

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Automated Nutrient System

We have developed a range of Deep Water Culture hydroponic growing solutions that are suitable for large scale commercial crop production, tested and refined to deliver high quality taste and yields for vine tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, with recent trials on soft fruits.

Environmentally Sustainable

Our DWC approach uses less water and produces less waste than other traditional methods of hydroponics for example drip irrigation using rockwool or coir substrates. As such Phytoponics offers a more sustainable means of growing produce, something that will be increasingly preferred by consumers and retail produce buyers.
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Improved Profitability

Our customers, whom we prefer to think of as partners, are typically large scale commercial growers who are looking to take advantage of the efficiency and sustainability benefits we can help them deliver at better or comparable cost to incumbent growing techniques.